AirReps Goes Beyond HVAC

Staying true to its values of innovation and relationship building, AirReps launched the first issue of its inaugural company newsletter today to customers, engineers, and partners. The newsletter, AirReps Circle, chronicles insightful content its readers want to receive on an ongoing basis, such as the leadership team’s vision, project stories, employee features, upcoming events, and much more.

To opt-in to AirReps Circle and stay up-to-date on the AirReps brand, contact your Account Executive for more information.

Download the first issue of AirReps Circle here.

AirReps Announces Partnership and New ASHP Design with EcoChillers

AirReps, LLC is thrilled to officially announce it has entered into a new, distinctive partnership with EcoChillers to co-produce, design, and launch a new and better version of an air source heat pump (ASHP) to introduce to the Pacific Northwest market!

ASHPs are an incredible source of free energy, and AirReps is working hard to improve and ensure equipment reliability. The company estimates having a completed design in one month and a fully functioning unit, including customizable options, to unveil before the winter holidays.

“We are pleased to be partnering with this great organization in our launch into North America,” said Dave Greenheck, AirReps’ Chief Engineer. “They share our same goal, which is to bring a reliable product to a critical market that has struggled with reliability. We are starting with the Pacific Northwest, but we plan to expand our support into the rest of North America.”

EcoChillers is a chiller manufacturer based in Guadalajara, Mexico, that is seasoned in making chillers, including standard or modified to meet the application requirements. Within the new collaboration, AirReps aims to create a two-pipe ASHP from 50 to 300 tons with even larger plans in store for 2023.

For more information, contact your AirReps Account Executive.

AirReps Announces Strategic Alliance with InControl

In a relentless pursuit to bring the best solutions supported by the most experienced experts in the industry directly to their customers, AirReps is proud to announce a strategic alliance with InControl, variable frequency drive (VFD) specialists and representatives of the Danfoss product line. The new partnership is effective immediately.

AirReps will now sell Danfoss VFDs across their entire Washington and Oregon markets with the added support of InControl’s VFD expertise. Products will be available to their customers faster than ever along with the combined working knowledge of AirReps’ and InControl’s VFD specialists. 

“I’m excited to have Danfoss in our line-up as it will allow us to not only continue providing the superior services we always have through our VFD infrastructure but will take our offerings to a whole new level,” said James Winn, AirReps’ Chief Sales Officer. “We will have more VFD stocking, a bullpen of drive specialists, along with training facilities in every office, and we plan to expand these capabilities even further very soon. No other regional rep firm has the VFD products, experts, or training that AirReps has by a mile.” 

AirReps’ VFD Specialist Chuck Ross said, “I am excited for the joint venture with InControl to introduce Danfoss to our customers.  The high quality of Danfoss VFDs coupled with AirReps technical expertise and customer service will provide our customers with a world-class solution to their facilities’ challenges.”  

Additional drive stock has already been ordered so AirReps can continue to offer free, same-day pickup service through the AirReps Ready program as soon as you need it.  

Contact your AirReps Account Executive for all the details.

AirReps Refines Offerings, Looks Towards Sustainable Future

AirReps, LLC released plans today to secure a new strategic alliance with a manufacturing partner to better support the commercial HVAC market’s electrification needs. AirReps will replace Aermec’s product offering and soon announce a solution to a more efficient replacement that will better serve its customer’s bottom line.

“Though we are disappointed to no longer rep Aermec, we are excited to align with a manufacturer who shares our values and puts the customer first,” said James Winn, AirReps’ Chief Sales Officer. “AirReps is all-in on strategic electrification.”

AirReps, headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, is the largest manufacturer’s representative firm for HVAC equipment within the Pacific Northwest, providing sales, warranty service, support, and customer training.

“Our working experience never changes, and we will continue to provide our customers with the smartest and most innovative solutions that best meet their needs,” said Winn.

AirReps Announces Retirement of Ken Horsfall

AirReps, LLC extends its best wishes and deepest appreciation to its Vice President of Engineering, Ken Horsfall, who retired after 20 years of leadership and service in Bellevue, Washington. His last day was December 31, 2021, after more than 40 years of commercial HVAC experience.

“I’ve had the honor and privilege of working with some wonderful and talented people,”  said Horsfall. “I have enjoyed the creative process and partnering with our customers on several important projects.”

Horsfall is known for his attention to detail while keeping the broader perspective of design in mind.

“He’s had a huge impact on AirReps’ overall reputation in the industry,”  said AirReps’ President Michael Hawkins. “We became the go-to rep for chiller plant design projects during his tenure.”

As Horsfall enters retirement, he will be succeeded by AirReps’ Engineering Manager Dave Greenheck who will assume leadership of the company’s engineering group.

“Working with Ken these past three years has been not only a privilege but a pleasure,”  said Greenheck. “He is a consummate professional and one of the best engineers in our industry. He will be missed sorely.”  He added, “However, we are very happy to announce that we will continue to collaborate with Ken in 2022 on a consulting basis. While it is just one day a week, staying connected with Ken is great for engineering.”

Horsfall said he is looking forward to the opportunity to enjoy travel, improve his photography skills, and play more golf during this next chapter in his life.

“I know we all owe a debt of gratitude for his breadth of knowledge and design skill,”  said Hawkins. “Ken made us all better at what we do.” 

Daikin North America LLC Acquires AirReps, LLC

AirReps, LLC announced today the completion of its acquisition by Daikin North America LLC (Daikin). The move will strengthen AirReps’ position in the HVAC market and build momentum for continued customer-focused growth. Daikin also acquired Seattle, Washington-based Thermal Supply, Inc. in the deal.

AirReps, headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, is the largest manufacturer’s representative firm for HVAC equipment within the Pacific Northwest, providing sales, warranty service, support, and customer training.

AirReps has a legacy of strong customer relationships and bringing the best of HVAC innovations to the Pacific Northwest,” said Michael Hawkins, AirReps CEO. “Daikin was a natural partner for us due to their stalwart operation and commitment to the success of AirReps long into the future.

AirReps’ acquisition is the most recent during a period of acquisition growth for Daikin that started in November 2020.

We are excited to combine the strengths of our two organizations to break open the market with a unique, holistic approach,” said Hawkins.

AirReps Announces Promotion of James Winn to Chief Sales Officer

AirReps, LLC is delighted to announce the promotion of its Chief Communications Officer + Sales Engineer, James Winn, to Chief Sales Officer. The newly formed role will build on AirReps’ revenue goals and sales performance while strengthening the company’s commitment to exemplary service to its customers and partners. As CSO, Winn will lead the company’s sales and marketing teams, focusing on overall strategy, goals, and performance while building, retaining, and increasing client relationships.

Winn said, “I’m excited to get to work optimizing our sales operation and enriching our customer experience. I’m grateful for the confidence company leadership has placed in me.

Winn started with AirReps in 2007 and became a partner in 2011. He brings more than 16 years of experience in HVAC sales and more than 20 years in the HVAC industry.

AirReps Announces Retirement of Bob Guerin

AirReps, LLC extends its best wishes and appreciation to its Executive Vice President, Bob Guerin, who will retire after 22 years of company leadership and service in Spokane, Washington. His last day will be August 31.     Continue reading