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AirReps University

Our comprehensive commercial HVAC educational arm empowers audiences with student-centered learning, both online and hands-on. ARU helps its partners stay informed and develop the technical skills and strategies to achieve their professional goals.

Supporting & Advancing HVAC Education

Presented by our dynamic company thought leaders, ARU brings excellence to HVAC training, helping our partners stay current with cutting-edge technology and developing the technical skills and strategies necessary to achieve greatness.

Video Library

Gain knowledge on industry topics from our team of commercial HVAC experts.

Stay up-to-date on technical and commercial HVAC systems and code. Whether it be equipment demos, short videos or an extended interactive series, our video learning tools can help you reach your mechanical engineering and HVAC education goals.

Classes & Events

Engaging HVAC education to keep you current and informed.​

AirReps facilitates a comprehensive lineup of technical training opportunities offered exclusively to our customers. Topics covered include installation, commissioning, service, troubleshooting, and more. Reserve your spot today!

Engineering White Papers

Deep dive into technical details of current commercial HVAC concepts and applications.

With topics ranging from general fundamentals to specific details, these in-depth reports dissect and educate and equip new and experienced team members with the engineering know-how to diagnose and solve the most common HVAC issues.

Project Highlights & Case Studies

Detailed insights into our projects and solutions-thinking approach.

Because of our reputation for creative solutions, responsive service, and innovative products, we occasionally get the opportunity to brag about our people and our manufacturers that make it possible to accomplish what we do.

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