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AirReps Demonstrates New Energy-Efficient Technology

AirReps, LLC is pleased to house HVAC manufacturing partner Oxygen8’s new energy-efficient, all-electric, and 100% outside air ventilation solution at its Bellevue headquarters.

Oxygen8, which recently took home the silver medal of the Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2021 Product of the Year, unveiled the ‘Ventum’ earlier this year. 

Exclusive Ventum H/ERV training and demonstrations are now available through AirReps University (ARU). Contact your AirReps Account Executive to see how Ventum’s engineering maintains Oxygen8’s mission of contributing to healthier buildings through increased ventilation rates with low energy consumption and no recirculation.   

ARU is a comprehensive commercial HVAC educational program that empowers audiences with student-centered and hands-on learning. Our dynamic thought leaders bring excellence to training and online learning through: 

  • Exclusive product demonstrations, 
  • Technical training at our in-house training centers, 
  • Off-site training classes (by special request), 
  • On-demand manufacturer training (online learning programs), 
  • Digital tutorials + continued education, 
  • Informative, research-focused white papers. 

ARU helps its partners stay informed and develop the technical skills and strategies to achieve their professional goals. 

Pictured: Oxygen8’s new Ventum H/ERV at AirReps’ headquarters in Bellevue, Washington. 

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