AirReps Announces Retirement of Ken Horsfall

AirReps, LLC extends its best wishes and deepest appreciation to its Vice President of Engineering, Ken Horsfall, …

Daikin North America LLC Acquires AirReps, LLC

AirReps, LLC announced today the completion of its acquisition by Daikin North America LLC (Daikin). The move will strengthen AirReps’ position in the HVAC market and build momentum for continued customer-focused growth. …

AirReps Demonstrates New Energy-Efficient Technology

AirReps, LLC is pleased to house HVAC manufacturing partner Oxygen8’s new energy-efficient, all-electric, and 100% outside air ventilation solution at its Bellevue headquarters.

AirReps Announces AirReps Expo 2021

Expos to be held August 3 in Spokane, August 6 in Bellevue, and August 13 in Portland  

AirReps Announces Promotion of James Winn to Chief Sales Officer

AirReps, LLC is delighted to announce the promotion of its Chief Communications Officer + Sales Engineer, James Winn, to Chief Sales Officer. …

AirReps Announces Retirement of Bob Guerin

AirReps, LLC extends its best wishes and appreciation to its Executive Vice President, Bob Guerin, who will retire after 22 years of company leadership and service in Spokane, Washington. His last day will be August 31.     

AirReps Position Statement on Lawsuit Filed Against GPS

At AirReps, we are committed to ensuring our products meet or exceed customer expectations from concept to delivery through service and quality management.…

AirReps Answers Covid-19 with Customizable Clean Air Solution

AirReps is proud to offer proven pathogen mitigation that will bring the safest, cleanest air possible to your commercial space. …

Daikin VRV Training Center Now Open in Bellevue

Get trained by the experts at Air Reps.  Daikin VRV interactive training now available at the Air Reps Bellevue & Lake Oswego offices.…

A Breath of Fresh Air

AirReps is partnering with Daikin, so now our excellence and innovation reach the entire state of Washington.