Air-to-Water & Water-to-Water Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are a vital part of the puzzle when it comes to creating impactful and effective HVAC systems for heating and cooling. AirReps understands that a reliable and innovative heat pump is imperative to keep facilities across the globe operating effectively.

Higher Amounts of Clean Outside Air

In the ever-changing and evolving world of HVAC, a few years can mean big changes. However, these last few years have brought about unprecedented changes, keeping the HVAC industry on its toes.

Ductless HVAC Systems

In many cases, updating older buildings with new HVAC and air conditioning systems is next to impossible, especially if there’s not enough space to install ductwork. Even in those buildings that do have the space, the cost for customers can be truly overwhelming. The solution to this HVAC problem on both ends is ductless heating and cooling units.

Rapid Growth in the HVAC Industry

The global HVAC market reached a value of approximately USD 160 Billion in 2022 and is expected to increase in value by 6% every year from now until 2028. In coming years, the global demand for HVAC is expected to increase as the industry introduces higher-efficiency systems, lower global warming impacts, electrification, and more sustainable processes and products.

The Future is Now – The Evolution of Construction

The construction world is changing in front of our eyes, challenging decades of engineering norms and pushing our industry to collectively determine how to build commercial buildings efficiently and comfortably. Follow along to learn how we can embrace these changes and work towards a more sustainable future.

Mission Critical

Join us as we detail the importance of reliability and redundancy in keeping critical facilities fully operational as well as the innovative technologies that are paramount to avoiding downtime.


As our industry continues to push for higher-performance buildings while optimizing comfort, inverter technology will continue to be an essential piece of the puzzle. Learn how systems can utilize this technology to lower energy consumption and ensure energy efficiency.

Strategic Electrification

As the demand for all-electric solutions drastically increases, learn about how we arrived here and the unique set of challenges the construction community faces to design efficient solutions that also balance comfort.