Nyle Water Heating Systems specializes in manufacturing and distributing Heat Pump Water Heaters that are designed to save energy and reduce costs. Their products are built using the latest technology and highest-quality materials to ensure that they are reliable and efficient.

Heat Pump Water heaters are easily the most energy-efficient way to heat water. The energy efficiency is not just good for the environment but delivers low operating costs as well. With rapidly increasing regulatory requirements in support of electrification, combined with an attractive payback due to low operating costs, these units are rapidly gaining market share in the water heating markets. Nyle has developed a range of commercial size heat pump water heaters, the Geyser C-Series.

Their product design and manufacturing facility is located in Bangor, central Maine’s economic and cultural center. They are firm believers in the need to build a more sustainable future, and that includes the urgent need to reduce emissions. To switch from fossil fuels to electricity based on renewables, the world requires the electrification of many processes, and that is where Nyle focuses.