Our Company

Air Reps offers distinct advantages in solving challenging problems that often arise in HVAC design and installation projects. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to any HVAC challenge. Instead, Air Reps employs some of the most creative minds in the business who can provide innovative answers that stand the test of time.

Our Values

We build relationships and empower partnerships. We embrace the opportunity to link the contractor, engineer, owner / end user and architect with our manufacturers to draw out expertise, foster teamwork and apply the best solutions.

We protect our client’s reputation. Our decision making process holds our client’s reputation paramount. We champion performance, engineering efficiency, schedule and budget by thinking long term and acting with integrity.

We embrace complexity and engage challenges. Our commitment to the team and project demands foresight, experience and expertise. It extends from concept through installation to customer satisfaction.

We develop and leverage intellectual capital. Diversity of outlook and expertise are critical for project success. This drives ongoing development of our team structure, creates efficient project management protocols and provides unparalleled opportunity.

We share success as a team. While our specific roles vary, our customers rely on all of us to address their needs. Shared recognition and financial incentives honor our team, family and home.

Engineering Know-How

Our sales force is second to none. Not only do they possess keen product knowledge, they also have strong system knowledge based on years of experience in the industry. It means they understand how things are supposed to work and fit together.

Best of all, each sales engineer handles only a few accounts, allowing them to focus more closely on each particular project, devoting  more time and service to every customer we serve.

All of this translates into greater efficiencies on each project, and great cost-savings for everyone involved.

Customized HVAC Solutions

Besides creative thinking, we design product systems that are specifically engineered for each application. We have built solid, lasting relationships with manufacturers who give us great flexibility in adapting their latest products and technologies.

So why is this important?

It means we will never force an unnecessary product into anything. Instead, we collaborate with our creative team to solve tricky problems that may just be too complex for other firms. In many cases, creative solutions require a collaborative team approach with the client and the manufacturer to assure we arrive at the optimum solution for each specific application.

Air Reps Offers More Industry-Specific Advantages

  • Engineers

    We understand that a great beginning is the key to a great final build. As a result, we’re good at designing systems, selecting equipment, and implementing these into projects, right alongside engineers in the field.

    And we understand that knowledge and collaboration is our greatest advantage in this industry. We’ve developed a unique training center that is second to none in the area. We love to share with both the up-and-coming engineer and the seasoned one what our experience has taught us, because we’ve been in their shoes and want to make their road easier.

    Check our schedule — there’s usually something going on.

    • Technical Development Program Series details
    • Variable Frequency Drive Technical Training details
    • VRV/VRF System Training details
  • Design/Build Firms

    We frequently partner with Design/Build firms to help solve any issues they may be facing. We have a lot of experience in solving difficult problems, and can often engineer a solution together with them right there in their office.

  • Contractors

    Both mechanical engineers and contractors like to work with us because they know we know what it’s like to take a project from initial concept and design to the finished installation and warranty maintenance.

  • Building Owners

    Being involved on the front end of a project not only saves building owners money, it also ensures accuracy when projecting project timelines. We can economize space, noise, and energy — all things that are extremely important when designing a new space, or retrofitting an existing building.