Heath Haley

Heath Haley has been with Air Reps as a sales engineer since May of 2005.  Heath became a partner in Air Reps, LLC in 2010 and is currently acting in both a sales and management capacity.

After receiving his BSME from the University of Texas in Austin, Heath was hired by the Trane Company.  He attended Trane’s graduate training program (GTP) in 1999 and worked as a sales engineer in the San Antonio office before transferring to Boland Trane in Washington, D.C. in 2001.  Heath focused on the consulting engineering community as well as the military/government market sector while in D.C.    Heath and his wife, Lauren (US Navy JAG), relocated in 2005 to Washington with the US Navy.  They live in Seattle with their two children, Amelia 5 and Michael 3.