Q Duct

Engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions, Q Duct® Outdoor Preinsulated Duct System saves energy and space. It is air and water sealed for improved indoor air quality and long-life performance. Virtually maintenance-free, Q Duct® is easier and faster to install than traditional systems.…


AQC Industries has revolutionized air-duct systems for use indoors, outdoors and underground in commercial, industrial and residential applications. The BlueDuct, Q Duct and PalDuct Preinsulated Duct Systems are advanced alternatives to fiberglass and sheet metal ductwork with many benefits, including energy and labor savings. AQC engineers, technicians and representatives work closely with customers to provide …


Jaga manufactures heating systems. The Company offers a wide range of heating solutions from panel and column radiators, towel warmers, decorative radiators to oxygen systems, and under-floor heating innovative in all shapes, sizes, and colors.…


Addison is into comfort. The company designs and manufactures heating, cooling, and dehumidification products, primarily for commercial and industrial use. Addison specializes in 100% outdoor air units, including rooftop and split systems and heat pumps. The company also makes automated controllers and air handling units.…


The CGC Group Hybrid Heat Pump System is a novel combination of two traditional commercial HVAC building technologies. The system combines conventional water-cooled air conditioning and hydronic space heating, all in one package.


IAC Acoustics offers Acoustic metal solutions for Industrial, Architectural, and Medical Applications. The industrial offering includes both in-plant and outdoor enclosures, outdoor noise barriers, anechoic chambers, Dyno Rooms, and HVAC products. The architectural products include secure facilities, acoustical doors, windows, music practice rooms, and studio packages. The Medical offering includes mini and full-size audiology booths


GPS manufactures patented air purification systems using needlepoint bi-polar ionization. The technology kills mold, bacteria, virus and controls odors and allergens in the space being served by the cooling and heating units. The technology does not require replacement parts and little to no maintenance. The newest use for the GPS-IBAR technology is for cooling coil


Headquartered in New Castle, Pennsylvania, Berner International combines engineering expertise, state of the art equipment, and highly skilled workers to design and produce the most efficient, best looking, reliable air curtains on the market.


QMark is a leading brand of residential and. commercial heaters and ventilation systems. Find Out More. Architects and engineers look for products that can meet performance and efficiency criteria, as well as budget parameters.


PennBarry is a leading manufacturer of full-service ventilation products for commercial and light industrial applications, including energy recovery units, make-up air systems, kitchen hoods, and SupremeFan supply and exhaust products.