Our Products: Oregon

Air Reps has unparalleled access to many of the world’s leading HVAC manufacturers and their unique technologies. As a result, we have the rare ability to investigate several scenarios during the early design phase of a project. This collaborative process may involve visits to our manufacturer’s factories or on-site design meetings to collectively develop the optimum solution.

Onsite HVAC Solutions

With offices in Portland and Eugene, we can move out into the field quickly – often on short notice. We also have the capabilities and personnel to provide support and service to our customers in western Washington, Oregon, and parts of Idaho, Wyoming and Montana.

When it comes to HVAC-related projects, you won’t find a more knowledgeable, more dedicated or better-equipped firm than Air Reps. Our national reputation is based on cutting edge system technology combined with proven methods of design and product integration. All of which are vital in today’s energy-conscious environment.

Our Manufacturers