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Case Study: Systems Unlimited

Case Study: Systems Unlimited

Systems Unlimited, an Iowa City, is an Iowa organization that provides supported living services, job training and employment to adults with disabilities. The building is a 38,400 sq. ft. facility that houses administrative offices, training rooms and work areas for the organization.

The owner was concerned with energy costs and indoor

Case Study: Transamerica Pyramid

Case Study: Transamerica Pyramid

Architects William Pereira & Associates chose the pyramid shape not just for its unusual look but also to meet a specific need: a pyramid casts a smaller shadow than a conventional high-rise building, allowing more light to filter to the streets below. At the time, that met the requirements of a

Case Study: Hilton, San Fransisco

Case Study: Hilton, San Fransisco

Known for its accommodations and hospitality, the Hilton San Francisco in Union Square also takes top marks as a venue for business gatherings. The 46-story hotel with 1,908 guest rooms was voted Best Hotel for Meetings and Best Hotel for Business Service in a 2009 survey by Executive Business magazine.

Case Study: Sutter Roseville Medical Center

Case Study: Sutter Roseville Medical Center

It’s a hospital facility engineer’s nightmare: All of the patient rooms and many key surgical suites of a health care building are served by a single vaneaxial fan. That fan and its drive motor are in a penthouse structure. Consulting engineers estimate it would take up to a week

Case Study: Baylor

Case Study: Baylor

With a new building already under construction, a children’s healthcare facility in Dallas made a change in the design of one of its critical air handlers. That change will provide greatly increased reliability in limited equipment space, as well as reduce the acoustic signature. The change, the installation of a HUNTAIR FANWALL

Case Study: Iron Mountain

Case Study: Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain® operates a secure data storage facility, including a data center, in a former limestone mine in rural Pennsylvania. The data center maintains servers that provide secure information back-up for clients around the U.S. and internationally. In order to meet the precise cooling needs of the growing data center in